two medical staff getting patient in the vehicle Star Mobility Transportation LLC understands your need for comfort and ease on the road. When you are about to go to a medical appointment or a treatment session, you would need to at least have a comfortable trip going there to settle your mind and body for what is to come.

Our non-emergency medical transportation services provide you with this convenience plus a guarantee of dependability, safety, and accessibility. Whether you need to transport just yourself or you have a wheelchair or other assistive devices with you, we are sure to cater to your transfer needs with our fleet of vehicles and our team.

Here are the transportation services we offer:

  • Hospital Discharge
  • Routine Physician’s Check-Up
  • Therapy Session
  • Dialysis Session
  • Chemotherapy Session
  • Post-Surgery Care/Appointment
  • Adult Day Care Transport Service

To book your next schedule, you may send us a message or call us at 260-445-0754.